Teresa Moorehouse Howley: narrative sculpture

Children's Sculpture Projects

by Anna Carlson, Erick Fitzpatrick, Kyle Fitzpatrick, Megan Fitzpatrick, Megan Niziol and Seth Paddock
Dryden Elementary School, Dryden, NY

The above 14" x 20" plaque is not my work, nor is it the work of any professional artist. It was made by six elementary school students using their hands, a few simple sculpting tools, Sculpey modelling clay, and lots of wonderful creativity.

The project

This particular piece was produced as part of a much larger art project involving more than 450 elementary school students from many classes at Dryden Elementary School in Dryden, NY and 20 high school students from the art class of Ms. Joann Morrison at Groton Senior High School in Groton, NY. To make the finished piece, the elementary students each sculpted one or two tiles showing anything that was important to them, then a high school student sorted through all these small pieces in order to compose a larger piece out of these "found objects".

Making a piece of art at school and then taking it home is quite different from the project these kids have completed. This art project has all the challenges that come with a collective work: learning to work together, being responsible for your part of the project, working with themes, taking a big idea to completion, including presentation and permanent exhibition. It allows children to take ownership of something they did, out in their community or in their school, that remains there after they move on. The images they create may revolve around their lives, their planet, and their world as they see it making a statement of who and what we are today.

Schools that have hosted a sculpture project


Below are photos of the children in action, and the wonderful, individual art they produce.