Teresa Moorehouse Howley: narrative sculpture

“Taking Inspiration from her love of mythology and legend, and blending in meticulous workmanship and a remarkable amount of fine detail, Teresa Moorehouse has succeeded in creating narrative bas relief bronze sculpture that is as beautiful as it is intriguing. Her pieces, fashioned first in clay, fired, cast, then reborn in metal, speak of cosmic forces and the indomitable power of artistic expression in talented hands”.
Betsey Harris
Board member of the Metropolitan Museum of Art
I purchased one of your sculpted walking canes some 10 or maybe more years ago at a craft fair.. At that time I saw it primarily as a work of contemporary art. However as I am turning 75 I find I now use if for the purpose for which it is intended, and it has given me outstanding service. It has held up magnificently through some very rough treatment. I still frequently travel overseas and have always been concerned I might lose it. Since I discovered your online art gallery (aka web site), I know if that should happen I can always replaced it.
Peter P.
Fairfax, VA
"I love, love, love the six pieces that i have in our home. They not only decorate my walls, they inspire my heart!"
Renee Novack
St. Louis, MO

“Terry’s sculptures bring an indescribable depth to my home. They have more than physical presence. They bless my house with magical goodness and remind me about why I’m really on this planet. They remind me of who/what I really am, but more importantly, they constantly remind me about the incredible life that I can live. I re-read their stories from time to time and they help guide me... “The Giving Tree” reminds me how abundant the world is. “The Initiation” reigns over my house... I placed her in a central location so that all who enter can admire her and if possible they will remember why they’re here. “Sisters n Wizdom” keep me pushing my international yearning and keeps my search for mentors and teachers developing new roles, while stabilizing my core. “The World Tree” keeps pushing me to quiet myself, listen to my inner calling and take action on those callings. And those whimsical little Goddesses that are scattered throughout my home provide constant nourishment. Terry’s work stirs my soul and keeps fueling it!”

Rita Emmer
Evergreen, CO
Quite a few years ago I bought one of Teresa's sculpted walking canes for my father. Although he had many canes, hers was the one he took everywhere with him. He always beamed when people complimented him on its beauty and uniqueness. He loved that it was lightweight, as his crippling arthritis prevented him from using many of his heavier ones in later years. It traveled with him from his home in Pittsburgh, to Ireland, Slovakia, Bermuda, and annual trips to Florida and Myrtle Beach. He was a funny storyteller and I can picture him now with that cane in his hands as he told us one story after the next. Teresa's cane is the one thing of his that I keep with me to remember him by, now that he is gone.
K. Walter
Nashville, TN

“Teresa Moorehouse creates narrative bas reliefs that are
as beautiful as they are intriguing. Her pieces . . . speak
of cosmic forces and the indomitable power of artistic
expression in talented hands.”

B. Harris
Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York, NY
“I am the proud and happy owner of seven of Teresa’s original bronze sculptures. I don’t always understand the underlying message, but they are so beautiful and different, that I love every one of them. I have never seen any other sacred art form like hers and wish I had room for even more!”
Susan Dewitt
Norwalk, CT
“Teresa’s body of work stands out in content, concept, execution, and presentation. Her work is timeless -- commenting on the human condition”
Amy Amdur
President of Amdur Productions, show promoter
Highland Park, IL
“Teresa is a very special artist of ours! It is a pleasure to have her as part of our family!”
Debbie Alan
Vice President, Howard Alan Events, show promoter
Plantation, FL

“Meeting the artist and feeling the depth of spirituality that goes into each piece is amazing. I have never had any other piece of sacred art that invokes so much meaning. Each time I look at a piece I am reminded of the story and the message that it holds.”

Dr. Tamara Medley
Grants Pass, OR