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Teresa Moorehouse is a cold-cast bronze sculptor, visionary artist, and storyteller based in Chicago, IL. Spiritual combinations of myth and matter come together in her contemporary art.  Her work seeks to develop nonverbal conversations, using layered images that refer to the mystery behind the visible and the interior language of the soul. She makes cold cast bronze relief narrative sculptures and custom walking sticks and canes.

1000 Grandmothers

What My Customers Have to Say

2016 Images Of Knowledge

Taking Inspiration from her love of mythology and legend, and blending in meticulous workmanship and a remarkable amount of fine detail, Teresa Moorehouse has succeeded in creating narrative bas relief bronze sculpture that is as beautiful as it is intriguing. Her pieces, fashioned first in clay, fired, cast, then reborn in metal, speak of cosmic forces and the indomitable power of artistic expression in talented hands”.

Betsey Harris

Board member, Metropolitan Museum of Art

New York, NY

I see from a look at your website that you are bringing back the visionary experience in your sculptures and what might be called Shamanic Art. That is wonderful, so keep going. This is what has been lost in the emphasis on mind and the neglect of the heart. This is also about the sacred marriage of spirit and nature.”

Anne Baring

Author of "The Dream of the Cosmos," "The Myth of the Goddess," "The Divine Feminine" and many more

The Initiation

“Meeting the artist and feeling the depth of spirituality that goes into each piece is amazing. I have never had any other piece of sacred art that invokes so much meaning. Each time I look at a piece I am reminded of the story and the message that it holds.”

Dr. Tamara Medley, Grants Pass, OR

“Teresa’s sculptures bring an indescribable depth to my home. They have more than physical presence. They bless my house with magical goodness and remind me about why I’m really on this planet. They remind me of who/what I really am, but more importantly, they constantly remind me about the incredible life that I can live. I re-read their stories from time to time and they help guide me... “The Giving Tree” reminds me how abundant the world is. “The Initiation” reigns over my house... I placed her in a central location so that all who enter can admire her and if possible they will remember why they’re here.“The World Tree” keeps pushing me to quiet myself, listen to my inner calling and take action on those callings. Teresa’s work stirs my soul and keeps fueling it!”

Rita Emmer, Evergreen, CO

“I am the proud and happy owner of seven of Teresa’s original bronze sculptures. I don’t always understand the underlying message, but they are so beautiful and different, that I love every one of them. I have never seen any other sacred art form like hers and wish I had room for even more!”

Susan Dewitt, Norwalk, CT

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