Celebrate your Life with a Unique Walking Stick

Walk in Style       Unique Luxury Canes        Handmade        One of a Kind

You are discerning. You want to achieve a certain look, and you want to maintain your freedom.

Using a hand-sculpted luxury cane makes a statement about you. About your creativity. About your style! Artfully unique, this cane is truly a celebration of life. The hand-sculpted imagery narrates cultural themes from around the world, creating symbolic representations of the magic, mystery, and joy of living in the moment.

Teresa Moorehouse is a sculptor, visionary artist, and storyteller based in Chicago, IL. She calls the fabulous canes she hand sculpts "Celebration of Life Walking Sticks", because of the people who use them. By using one of these canes, you declare that you are free and that you have something profound to say to your friends, family, and to the world.


Your cane will be hand-sculpted by Teresa, using Primo, high-end color polymer clay. Extremely durable in design and application, the colorful clay is fired onto an adjustable aluminum cane. The height adjusts from 31" to 40", and the weight limit is 250 pounds. Each cane features a comfortable and ergonomically designed wooden handle and O-ring rubber tip for good stability.