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Soul Stories is a book of Teresa Moorehouse's bronze sculpture and the stories which accompany the imagery. Soul Stories elegantly displays thirty-nine of the artist's favorite works in cold cast bronze. Her brief narratives companion the photographs, to lead us by the hand into each sculpture's magical world. The book features archetypal stories and sculpture which will speak directly to your spirit. Teresa's sculptures are inspired by myth and legend and portray rites of passage and spiritual awakenings.


Deluxe paperback book with French flaps. The book is 96 pages.


"Teresa Moorehouse’s Soul Stories: Narrative Sculpture conveys the essence of women’s spirituality and takes our vision of it to a new level.” She continues, “Whether it’s archetypes of the feminine or goddesses, her narrative bronze sculpture does more justice to the sacred dimension of life’s stories than verbal concepts from the head can ever do.” ~ Publisher's Weekly

"In her just-published Soul Stories: Narrative Sculpture, (Larson Publications) Moorehouse has added the story-behind-the-image to her richly-detailed bas relief sculptures." Read this full review in the Ithaca Times.

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