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A woman walks with her companions-- the child, the victim, the saboteur, the prostitute and her own animal nature. Which will command her attention now? When will immature fear attack? Who is it that this always happens to? How will she undermine herself? For what will she sell herself? Where will need, passion or lust, lay beyond the reach of reason? These are some of the associates of a woman’s life. It is not just their negative aspects that move us. Our childhood dream of being something can guide a whole life. Dislike of being a victim can produce courage and action. Being sure of what we want and don't can guard against sabotage. We may sell ourselves to jobs so that something else important to us can happen. To be in harmony with our natural forces, makes us eat, sleep, procreate and yes, even breathe. This is a big thing, this glorious life we live, and we come in designed for it.


Cold cast bronze. This piece was created in 2011 and is a limited edition of 20. It measures 10.6 in x 13.8 framed. The actual sculpture is 4 x 6" unframed.


A Woman with Her Companions

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