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There are five levels to this sculpture, representing Nature, Body, Feeling, Knowing, and Will. Try to imagine your childhood, or watch a young child play with a stuffed animal or doll. They will speak to it, feed it; they believe it has life. This is the kind of magic I am portraying: a participation in life that is not quite concrete, a personification and animation of nature. In adults, we would see this in how they participate in the collective unconsciousness of their culture. The second panel from the bottom is an example of the Magical body. This is a local Indian myth of the formation of the body of the Earth riding on the back of the turtle. You can find this story in the mythology of the Iroquois Indian Confederacy tribes. You can also find the same myth in all North, Central and South American Indians -- and also in many other cultures.


This piece was created in 2016 and is a limited edition. Cold cast bronze. 48 in x 36 in

Images of Knowledge - Magical

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