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The Tree of Life stands rooted in our past and the past that came before us with its vine weaving throughout layered time. Its nature is carried in seasons, a designated time for everything to come into being.

But what about when it feels inside like nothing's happening, a deadness reigns. The old ones tell us that when you think nothing is happening, something is happening. Our future is in its seedling state. Those two companions of expectation and hope are having a contest, a negotiation, but nothing has been shared with us. We can only speculate but now are too empty for conjecture. Grant me patience to endure this waiting with no ideas to feast upon


Cold cast bronze. This piece was created in 2012 and is a limited edition of 20. It measures 11.75 in x 37.25 in framed. The actual sculpture is 4.25" X 29.5" unframed.


Fallow Time

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