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There are five levels to this sculpture, representing Nature, Body, Feeling, Knowing, and Will. Look at the second level from the bottom. This depicts the Rational Body. You are looking at a study of Leonardo da Vinci's drawing of human proportion theory -- man as macrocosm and microcosm compared with the body of the universe. Man encompasses and reflects the greater whole, the universe. Look at the second horizontal level all the way around: The Archaic Body is the development of our body through the unicellular form; the Magical Body is the development of the body of the Earth; the Mythological Body is the understanding of our elemental nature, our desires and fears; and last, the Rational Body is the integration of development of the body of man and the universe. We now have a picture of the concept of body and its importance to each individual.


This piece was created in 2016 and is a limited edition. Cold cast bronze. 48 in x 36 in

Images of Knowledge - Rational

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