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From out of the abstracted matter of the things we don't understand, or the things we can't quite put our finger on, is this strong healthy vine of life weaving through layered time. All types of people move through our lives. Some we know, some we don't; some we never even see, but they affect our time here too. Occasionally a pattern presents itself as ground we can stand on and for awhile we comprehend; but then that too passes and gets woven up into the movement of life. When the I is born, the test is to remain conscious enough to question: "How is it possible for us to cope when we are looking for what is best for ourselves?" A common objective must be found, so that we can live here together and nurture each of our dreams.


The Tree of Life stands rooted in our past and the grand past that came before us. It offers us gifts. It asks us to dream and reach for what we think cannot be ours. We will have to stretch ourselves, and learn to live with patience and persistence as companions. They are our guides to the rewards of a life lived in the brilliance of the golden fruit.


So, what is the Golden Fruit? It is what you want deep inside of you, what you are willing to put you on the line for. It's the thing you find to difficult to say. It is the thing you can't believe is possible. It is what Life offers when you say yes.


Cold cast Bronze. 11.75 in x 37.25 in

The Golden Fruit

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