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We would be the hand out of which the tree of life grows. The symbol represents our hopes and dreams for this future that we have chosen. We stand ready at the gates of this new experience. As soon as we say, "I do", we enter them.

Right on the other side of those gates are lions and they must be fed -- now. No one ever tells us this part of the story. If we feed the lions meaning, then we get to walk consciously into our lives.

We are after the water of life way up in the background, which is the very best that we can make out of our experience. If we ignore the lions, they will devour us. If we feed them something that has no substance, we turn to stone and are unable to feel at all.

The first room in any experience is loaded with stone statues representing those that came before us.


Cold cast bronze. This piece was created in 2008 and is a limited edition of 20. It measures 10.6 in x 13.8 framed. The actual sculpture is 4 x 6" unframed.


World Tree

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